#33 5 Steps to a Healthier LIfe

If you're planning on living a long life, make investing in your health a priority. USA Today recently reported that the top retirement concern for people over age 50 is healthcare costs. Growing older and being unhealthy can be financially disastrous. It just makes sense, to take a proactive approach to investing in your health.  INVEST WISELY: 5 Steps to a Healthier Life with Corbin Links Corbin Links not only talks the talk, he has walked the walk. His 12 year journey to living a healthy lifestyle included tons of research on nutrition, slowly creating healthier habits that helped him lose over 80 lbs. Today, his is a walking encyclopedia of health and nutrition. In this episode we explore his 5 steps to living a healthier life. We discuss: How to approach your journey to living healthier Why it's important to get out in front of your health issues How to simply evaluate your current health condition (beyond physical fitness) The value of making small incremental changes His 5 steps to living healthier today (and the science behind it) Mineralized water Green juice Sleep Probiatics Magnesium How to learn more: Corbin's Podcast His book Up Your Health Game PLAN WELL:   How does working affect Social Security Survivor Benefits? Last week I a listener e-mailed me this question.  Here are the facts about Social Security Survivor Benefits that we discuss in this episode The Social Security Administration's resource on the topic If you are under Full Retirement Age (FRA) and receive a survivor benefit it can be reduced based on the income you earn. Here is the current table Once you reach FRA, your survivor benefit will not be reduced A spouse survivor can receive 100% of the worker's benefit at Full Retirement Age (FRA) If you are 60 or over but under FRA, you'll receive between 77-99% of the benefit A surviving spouse of any age with children 16 or under can receive 75% of the worker's benefit Question: What steps are you taking to invest in your health? Tweet to @roger_whitney

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