Lauren Gaggioli Discusses Preparing for the SAT and the Selecting the Right College

In this Plan Well Invest Wisely podcast, Roger Whitney interviews Lauren Gaggioli, founder of Higher Test Prep Scores. They discuss the importance of the SAT and how to help your child select the right school for them. Here are some of the topics Lauren and I covered: The importance of taking college preparatory tests such as ACT, SAT, PSAT. Determining which test(s) to take when choosing a college. The advantages of taking both ACT and SAT tests. Motivating students to take responsibility in preparing for college. Why some students should consider taking an intentional "gap" year between high school and college. With their parents' help, students should examine themselves (passions, strengths, personality) to discover which college may be a best fit for them. Various kinds of financial aid, including need-based and merit-based. Why students should diversify their college options. To learn much more about ACT, PSAT and SAT test prep, listen to Lauren's free podcast called The College Checklist. Lauren is offering a FREE video on her website at Higher Test Prep Scores.

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