310: A Real Estate Winner Today: Florida New Build-To-Rent Homes

The pandemic has fueled remote work. A New Yorker paying $4,000 rent in a 1 BR apartment can now work from Florida, paying $1,500 rent in a 3 BR a 2 BA single-family home. Central Florida benefits from this in-migration.  Florida has law that favors landlords, zero state income tax, a low cost of living, beach proximity and of course, warm weather. Get the report and learn more at: www.GetRichEducation.com/Orlando These Central Florida Build-To-Rent properties are brand new.  They often appraise for $5,000 to $10,000+ more than your purchase price. That’s built-in equity. Your rent-to-price ratio is often 0.8% to 0.9% for single-family rentals. The average tenant stay is 3+ years in this new construction. Get the report and learn more at: www.GetRichEducation.com/Orlando The growth and economic diversity in the region is astounding. The time is likely “now”: brand new construction, high rent occupancy, cash flow, low interest rates, low insurance premiums, low $160K - $220K property cost. Resources mentioned: Central Florida Build-To-Rent: GetRichEducation.com/Orlando Mortgage Loans: RidgeLendingGroup.com QRPs: text “QRP” in ALL CAPS to 72000 or: eQRP.co By texting “QRP” to 72000 and opting in, you will receive periodic marketing messages from eQRP Co. Message a data rates may apply. Reply “STOP” to cancel. New Construction Turnkey Property: NewConstructionTurnkey.com Best Financial Education: GetRichEducation.com Top Properties a Providers: GREturnkey.com Follow us on Instagram: @getricheducation Keith’s personal Instagram: @keithweinhold

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