303: Do-It-Yourself Property Management

We compare do-it-yourself vs. professional property management. New home price annual sales volume spiked in June. There’s a scarce inventory of suburban SFHs. The co-founder of Avail, Laurence Jankelow joins us. Avail.co streamlines life for DIY property managers. Avail is free. It enables you to centralize your: rental listings a applications, tenant screening, credit / criminal / eviction reports, rent collection, maintenance tracking, and even rent price analysis. Becoming a landlord is like becoming a parent. There’s no certification course or degree required. You cannot violate Fair Housing Laws. Giving one tenant a break - and not another - could violate Fair Housing Law.    Smart home technology often still does not exist for the most profitable long-term rentals. Rent collections during the pandemic continue to be greater than most people anticipated. Avail is best for landlords with 1-9 rental units. There is a general minimum standard for what landlords must furnish to tenants. It’s called an “Implied Warranty Of Habitability”.  This includes: access to clean water, heat, electricity, sanitation, rodent-free, fire-safe, and meets local building codes. Resources mentioned: DIY Property Mgmt. Software: Avail.co New construction Florida income property: GetRichEducation.com/Orlando GetRichEducation.com/Jax GetRichEducation.com/Tampa Mortgage Loans: RidgeLendingGroup.com QRPs: text “QRP” in ALL CAPS to 72000 or: eQRP.co By texting “QRP” to 72000 and opting in, you will receive periodic marketing messages from eQRP Co. Message a data rates may apply. Reply “STOP” to cancel. New Construction Turnkey Property: NewConstructionTurnkey.com Best Financial Education: GetRichEducation.com Top Properties a Providers: GREturnkey.com Follow us on Instagram: @getricheducation Keith’s personal Instagram: @keithweinhold

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