Zacks Friday Finish Line: What’s Next For The Brexit?

Visit to learn about our other podcasts and signup for our daily On the very first episode of the Zacks Friday Finish Line podcast, Content Writer Ryan McQueeney and Editor Maddy Johnson take on this week’s biggest news from the investment and financial world. Up first this week was news from Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG). As the company continues to look for ways to get customers back in the door following its food safety scandals, Chipotle launched its new “Chiptopia” Summer Rewards Program today. Check out how you can get free burritos here: Chipotle Fans Rejoice: "Chiptopia" Rewards Program Launches Friday Chipotle wasn’t the only company launching a new promotion this week, as Walmart (WMT) announced its new ShippingPass. The retail giant will offer free two-day shipping on anything purchased on for just $49 per year. After investing nearly $2 billion in ecommerce, it’s clear that Walmart is doubling down on its fight against Amazon (AMZN). Get Maddy’s opinion on the new offer here: Walmart's Unoriginal ShippingPass is Still No Match for Amazon Prime Finally, our number one story this week was the Brexit. As you probably know by now, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. As a result, the pound fell to a three-decade low, gold continued its climb upward, and stocks around the world plunged.

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