Preparing Your Finances and Delaying Retirement

On this week’s Hanson McClain’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat talk about why it might make sense to work a little longer and delay retirement, even if it’s just an additional 6 months. Scott and Pat take a call from a man who inherited two properties, and wants to sell one, but doesn’t know how he should invest the money. A successful investor wants to know if he should continue to focus on real estate. A man wants to know if it’s better to rent or own a home in the current market. A couple wants to know if they have too much stock exposure. A man about to take a sabbatical has an interesting dilemma with his 401(k). Lastly, a son wants to know how his reasonably healthy 102-year old father should invest a recent real estate windfall. Ask a question by clicking here, or email Scott and Pat at

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