What to do with $400 million in lottery winnings

On this week’s Hanson McClain’s Money Matters: Scott and Pat talk to a caller that claims to have won over $400 million in the Powerball lottery, and wants to know how to invest his winnings. Next, a caller asks a question about spousal contributions to an IRA. Then, a call about protecting savings from being used for medical or nursing expenses. Scott and Pat then discuss how to convert a 401k into monthly income. Lastly, Hanson McClain advisor Dave Cox shares a client story about early retirement. If you have a question for Scott or Pat, you can call 1-888-2-HANSON (1-888-242-6766), or you can submit a question at questions@moneymatters.com at any time to be featured on a future show. Scott Hanson and Pat McClain have been hosting Hanson McClain’s Money Matters radio show for over 20 years, and have answered questions from thousands of callers on a variety of financial topics. 

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