Aligning Financial Incentives With 1 Finance

In this episode of Paisa Vaisa, Anupam Gupta plays host to Keval Bhanushali, Co-Founder & CEO of 1 Finance. They delve into Keval's remarkable journey from the inception of his innovative finance firm, 1 Finance. Keval elucidates the issue of misaligned incentives within the financial industry and shares how his firm is striving to realign these incentives for the benefit of customers, manufacturers, and distributors, with a strong emphasis on keeping customers at the forefront.

He further delves into India's net credit and net investment landscape and discusses the target audience for his book, "Fintegrity." The conversation also explores the future of individuals in the finance spectrum, the significance of Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) practices, and effective strategies for financial influencers to capture potential customers' attention. Keval argues against the practice of charging based on Assets Under Management (AUM) and advocates for winning consumers through transparency.

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