Testosterone Replacement - Are You Sure It's Good for You?

As we've matured our body chemistry has changed. Do men need testosterone replacement therapy? Phoebe discussed some women's issues in a previous episode about hormone replacement for Women. Gentlemen, today it's your turn to get the low down on low Testosterone.
  I. Reasons:
   I. Symptoms/Benefits:
    I. Libido, body fat, muscle, mood, energy, bone density, and quality of erections
   II. Testosterone's purpose
    I. Hypogonadism
    II. Less indication for "healthy" men
    III. "May" prevent issues as we get older
  II. Methods:
   I. Pellets - painful, less fat, scars
   II. Injections - less painful
    I. 2 weeks - big dose, taper off over time, intramuscular
    II. 1 week - less highs/lows, easier to remember, traditionally intramuscular
    III. Daily - It's a routine, less painful, subcutaneous
  III. Testing
   I. If you have symptoms
   II. Before for baseline
   III. After a month or so to see your levels
   IV. Annual testing once the dose is sorted out
   V. It's complicated…
  IV. Side effects
   I. Acne, hair growth, sleep apnea
   II. Increased risk of Heart attacks, stroke
   III. Reduced sperm production
   IV. Estrogen, 
    I. 0.3% converted
    II. resulting in breast tissue, and prostate enlargement
    III. Testing for estrogen
    IV. Estrogen blocker - aromatase inhibitors (some doctors disagree with this approach)
  V. Cautions
   I. No long term testing - benefits / Risks
   II. "For those who have low testosterone levels but no symptoms, treatment isn't recommended. It's also not recommended for those whose levels are low because of aging."


 Testosterone calculator

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