How Sammie Ellard-King Grew a Finance Brand to 4+ Figures/Month in Under 2 Years

Want to hear how a first-time niche site builder is succeeding in the finance niche... in less than 24 months?

Sammie Ellard King sits down with Niche Pursuits podcast host Jared to share his journey of building a personal finance brand.

Sammie's background is in hospitality marketing, but when Covid hit, he had to reconsider his future. He took the opportunity to dive into online business and started developing a brand centered around his true passion.

Sammie's approach goes beyond just building a website. Perhaps thanks to his traditional marketing background, he's building an entire ecosystem with a website, podcast, YouTube channel, and social media presence.

He's choosing a long-term approach, aiming for a 5 to 10-year project.

And Sammie's brand, Up the Gains, has already started to see success. The site has over 50,000 monthly visits, podcast sponsorship, and a growing YouTube channel.

And today, he walks us through the process of how he's able to scale all of these simultaneously.

User experience is a priority for Sammie. He wants to make personal finance more accessible. So, he prioritizes incorporating visual elements, infographics, and simplified language to engage his audience.

To choose topics, Sammie conducts competitor analysis and covers multiple categories simultaneously, focusing on building topical authority through hub pages.

He also discusses the importance of link-building in this niche.

This includes digital PR, creating stat articles with unique data, and podcasting which he highlights as being particularly valuable for attracting links, leveraging social media audiences, and attracting sponsors.

He also discusses how embedding original YouTube videos improves rankings and attracts organic links.

Email marketing also plays a significant role in driving affiliate revenue for Sammie's brand.

Looking ahead, Sammie plans to scale the website by optimizing affiliate revenue, expanding content, and leveraging different channels.

This is a great interview with a very smart and strategic marketer who's managing to quickly succeed in a competitive niche.

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