The Last Word on Chartreuse and Chartreuse Alternatives

Chartreuse has been around for centuries and always popular with mixologists. It took a global pandemic to make the French herbal liqueur a household name though. Carthusian monks have been making it by hand since the 1700s and were always able to keep up with demand. In the last few years, they have decreased production to focus more on being monks instead of liquor executives. Now you can pretty much only get it in the US if you own a bar.

Roger has poured samples of Chartreuse and six alternatives. Additionally, he made seven Last Word cocktails with each of the seven samples. We’re blind tasting these seven samples, hoping to find an alternative to Chartreuse that is just as good and readily available in our stores. After we try all of that, Roger will whip up two more Chartreuse cocktails.

Check out all three cocktail recipes on our blog

  1.       Dolin Genepy des Chamois Bitter Liqueur 
  2.      Escorial Green 
  3.      Chartreuse 
  4.      Enrico Toro Centerba 72 Digestif
  5.      Boomsma Claerkampster Cloosterbitter 
  6.      Elixir Spirits Ver Liquore d’Erb 
  7.      Faccia Bruto Centerbe 

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