Lemon Coffee to Lose Weight? Slim Chance | Dietitian Karen Smith Live Q&A

Will adding lemon to your coffee really help you lose weight? We put the internet’s latest health craze under the microscope!


Beyond the viral claim, we discover the best foods to slim down as "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll is joined by dietitian Karen Smith on The Exam Room podcast. It's not about overly processed food, fad diets, or gimmicks. It's about eating the foods that have been fueling us for centuries.


Karen also answers questions from the Dietitian's Mailbag:


- Is there such a thing as a healthy fat?

- How can you eat carbs and still lose weight?

- Why is it harder to keep weight off when you've lost it quickly?

- What should you eat so you're not always hungry?

- Many more!


Plus, Chuck salutes one of the stars of Spider-Man: No Way Home who lost over 100 pounds after becoming the latest actor in Hollywood to adopt a plant-based diet!


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