Marry Yourself First with Ken Donaldson

Ken Donaldson has been one of Tampa Bay's leading change specialists since 1987. With a 25 year background as a mental health and relationship counselor, he has a unique perspective in winning in the game of change. Ken's credentials include: Licensed mental health counselor; board certified as an addictions professional and clinical hypnotherapist; and certified as a master relationship coach. In this episode, Ken talks about his book, Marry Yourself First, and the proud change it can bring when you live by your purpose and values.  



[4:20] Ken shares why he wrote the book, Marry Yourself First

[8:15] How do you ‘marry’ yourself? 

[14:30] What areas of your life do you currently feel disappointed in?

[18:05] Sometimes we get frustrated because we unknowingly have expectations surrounding that situations and we’re leaving ourselves disappointed. 

[21:20] Your reaction is a reflection of you, not a reflection of the person who is triggering you. 

[25:40] Ken explains what the MVP and VIP acronyms stand for and how you can live within your values and purpose. 

[31:20] How do you know what your priorities are when trying to maintain your values? 

[34:55] What happens if you never really do find the partner of your dreams? 

[39:00] You have to figure out your own drum beat and march to that beat. 

[41:35] Ken has created a structure to help people find inner happiness. 



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Marry Yourself First by Ken Donaldson


  • “Usually frustration comes from an expectation.”
  • “When you have a reaction to somebody else, go look in the mirror first.”
  • “We go back to know, like, and trust yourself. Well, you said you knew yourself, but apparently you didn’t trust yourself because you broke your own rules, and by doing that, what does that say about liking yourself?”

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