485 - Pax Covidiana

Dr Steve, Dr Scott and Pre-Med Carson discuss: Why would anyone go to medical school in 2021? Paxlovid is finally released. Is the end in sight? WHY WOULD THIS HAPPEN?!! - Balanoposthitis White spots on the nails Unexplained Weight Loss (get it checked) Non pharmacological treatment for perimenopause Correction: 14 year olds in New Zealand Cupping vaccine injection sites - again ketamine and psilocybin in mental health more Please visit stuff.doctorsteve.com (for all your online shopping needs!) Get Every Podcast on a Thumb Drive ($30 gets them all!) simplyherbals.net (for all your StressLess and FatigueReprieve needs!) patreon.com/weirdmedicine (Don't miss our exclusive Patreon feed!) Cameo.com/weirdmedicine (Book your old pal right now while he’s still cheap!) roadie.doctorsteve.com (If you have a guitar or bass player on your list, BUY THIS) betterhelp.com/medicine (we all need some counseling right now) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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