S3 / E101 Bad Match: Stalking Kelli

Kelli was stalked by a man she met on a dating app. She matched with a guy and after they connected over social media he asked her out. They hit it off and began hanging out every night. He was nice and respectful at first, but then began checking her phone, and spying on her social media accounts. After Kelli told him she wasn’t interested in a relationship he became unstable, telling her he missed her, getting mad at her, and even contacting her pretending to be his own mother. He called her non-stop, contacted her ex-boyfriends claiming that she cheated, and created a fake Instagram account using her personal information.  When he began driving by her house she tried to get a protective order, but was told multiple times that she didn’t have enough proof. Kelli eventually secured an order of protection through family court, and that’s when she found out her ex already had an order of protection against him from someone else and that he was arrested for assault in the past.   DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN STORY TO SHARE? E-MAIL US strictlystalkingpod@gmail.com RATE US As a listener of Strictly Stalking please leave a review and rate us FIVE STARS on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/strictly-stalking/id1494237083

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