Does the "Ideal Customer" still exist in the Tourism Industry?

Taking the time to observe 'Who is Your ACTUAL Customer?' in the tourism industry today can potentially save you from making the wrong marketing budget assumptions next year.
What if, in the tourism industry, the "Ideal Customer" has become a sort of a myth in a post-covid world?
 - your most desired hotel guest has changed
 - your returning travel agency client is booking elsewhere
 - your loyal airline passenger is driving instead
They are all supposed to be aligned with your brand values, style, service standards, tone of voice. 

BUT what if, we look into who is actually:

 - staying in your hotels
 - buying your tickets
 - booking your holiday packages

and discover WHY that they DON'T resemble your Ideal Client anymore. In today's episode, we are going to dive deep into the difference between an ideal customer and an actual customer for the tourism industry and why the difference might just be what you need to know to save you big-budget dollars on your next marketing strategy. 

There’s power in observing these micro shifts in travel behavior, because you can tweak your strategy before it has even began to unfold and you can hit the ground running!

Here is the list of downloads mentioned during today's episode:

REPORT: Top 10 Travel Behaviour Trends in 2022:
Blog Post: Post-pandemic tourism marketing strategies: the power of acknowledging fears of travel:

 About Dolores Semeraro

Hello! I am a Hospitality and Tourism Communication Expert and Speaker with 15 years of industry experience.

For the past 20 months, I have helped tourism organizations and travel professionals restore travel confidence and restart their tourism business. 

I focus on tourism marketing strategies, hospitality digital marketing and communication, and tourism innovation in every keynote, training, or coaching session I deliver across the industry.

You can learn more about me by listening to my travel recovery podcast called ‘Truth Behind Travel’ where I interview tourism industry leaders and travel experts on the core topic of Travel Recovery.

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S2 E44 - Does the "Ideal Customer" still exist in the Tourism Industry?
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