The Rapscallion Agency | Chapter 7 - Decoys & Demons

Dr. Venesois and Merodach track Lisette and Cluracan to the garage in Grigny. They threaten to kill the young couple if they don’t return the rat the stole from VeyTech. Cluracan uses The Eclair as a diversion and escapes with Lisette back to Paris where they find refuge in the catacombs underneath their city.   Discover The Rapscallion Agency: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter To discover more podcasts set in the Leviathan universe go to   Written, Directed & Created by Christof Laputka Executive Produced by Amish Jani Produced & Mixed by Robin Shore Editing & Sound Design by Luke Allen and Robin Shore Musical Composition by Luke Allen Produced by Claire Dodin & Kim Donovan Casting by Claire Dodin & Kim Donovan Recording Engineers Tim Friedlander, Patrick Fitzgerald & Charlie Shealy Recorded at Soundbox LA, Polarity Post SF, and Dubway Studios NYC   Starring Claire Dodin as Lisette Mainsabiles Todd Haberkorn as Cluracan Gary Armagnac as Monsieur Merodach Caroline Guivarch as Dr. Terant Venesois Terrance Smith as Enzo Luc De Villars as Axel William TN Hall as Harlequinn Monia Ayachi as Adele Christian Roman as Victor Benoit Monin as The Narrator     Au Revoir! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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