⛰️ The 3 Most Common Lies Good Dads Tell Themselves (Ep 1 of 3)

Both Adrian and I are kicking off a three part mini-series today about how good dads like you become the best version of themselves. 

This kind of life starts with a willingness to examine the stories we tell ourselves. The lies of "I'm so busy", "I deserve this" or "that's how I was raised" can keep us stuck in average and tedious living. Only when we're willing to dig deep do we unlock our greatest potential. 

In this episode, we lay out a simple framework that you can use to start this work.  You will be fascinated by what you discover. 

Bedrock Cohort 006 opens for enrolment on September 19th. 

Click here to join the waitlist and to access a FREE on-demand video masterclass on how good dads like you consistently model health, fitness and faith for their families:  menofbedrock.com/habits 


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