I have panic attacks during oral sex - Coaching Savy

In this coaching episode, Savy talks about getting more comfortable with her genitals and with having sex in a fat body. She's had limited sexual experiences and wants to expand her horizons, but is afraid of being rejected in the middle of the act.

Leah works with Savy to:

  • realize that by the time she gets naked with a potential suitor, they won't be surprised by her body,
  • recognize the difference between what her brain is telling her and what is happening in reality, and
  • identify ways to explore the type of touch she desires.

Leah offers valuable insights and tools to help Savy and all listeners to navigate the challenges of being sexual while in a marginalized body.

Savy is a 34-year-old cisgender woman. She describes herself as white, bisexual, and open to any kind of relationship style that has open communication. She grew up in a strict Roman Catholic family and is now agnostic, and she describes her body as infinifat.

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