#36 - Why People Hate Me (At First) For Pushing Them Outside Their Comfort Zone

Hey everyone, Kirk here again at optionalpha.com and welcome back to the daily call. Today, I want to talk about why people hate me at first for pushing them outside of their comfort zone. This is a really relevant podcast for me and kind of a daily call and message because yesterday, we had a lot of our trades… Not a lot. Two of our trades that we’re trading, two ETFs that we’re trading were coming up on dividends, dividend dates, so X dividend dates and because we were trading at the money iron butterflies in these two particular instances, every single broker obviously sends out a message to their client that says, “Hey, your position is at risk of assignment because these short calls have a dividend coming up, etcetera, etcetera.” If you’ve been trading with us for a while, if you’ve been trading for a while, you know the story. But the reality is that I got a flood of emails from new members in particular, not old members and it was mostly new members because I went in and check dates of when people signed up, etcetera and I got a flood of emails from people saying, “Hey, are we at risk of assignment?” The easy response for me would’ve been to reply back and say, “No, we’re not at risk of assignment for a bunch of different reasons which you can research by yourself as far as what risk of assignment means.” But I could’ve easily just responded with no to each one of these people and that would’ve answered the question that would’ve definitely solved their problem, they would’ve been at ease. But instead, what I did because I think this is the better way to do it, even though it was harder for me to do it and harder for them eventually, was that I replied back and said, “Why don’t you check out this video tutorial inside the knowledgebase?” Or I would link up to an article that we wrote or in any case where I get questions like this, I point people in the right direction of content that we already have on that that’s probably better explaining it than I would be in that one single moment or use it as a case study. I got a lot of angry responses from people, a lot of angry responses from people, people who got really mad at me and said, “Kirk, why don’t you just tell me the answer? I don’t have time for this. I can’t look it up. I don’t have time to do it right now.” While I know that they probably are busy at their jobs and while I know that they probably have other commitments right now, it serves you guys no purpose when I just flat out give you the answer. It serves you no purpose because when I push you outside of your comfort zone and you learn how to do it by yourself, you’re learning how to fish by yourself. You’re learning how to come to the answer before you even take the time to find my email address, write me an email and wait for a response from me. While I think that a lot of people got angry in that moment because I didn’t give them that answer right away, I did get a lot of emails back from people who said, “Now I know how to do it.” They email back and said, “I was mad at you.” Because I responded back and said, “Well, why are you mad at me? I’m trying to teach you how to fish. Just watch the video and you’ll learn how to do it and you’ll never have to email me again on this.” I got a lot of people who actually respected and realized that I was trying to legitimately help, that I wasn’t just kicking the can down the road, that I was helping push them outside of their comfort zone, so that they actually learn how to grow. You know like when you actually work out… This is a good analogy for this. But when you work out and you lift weights, you’re stressing your muscles. You’re pulling and pushing your muscles outside of their comfort zone and that’s actually how they grow, how they improve, how they get stronger. That’s what I’m literally trying to do with people. Although it might seem like I don’t care because I’m quick or short or I point you in the direction of the video tutorial, it is actually because I care that I do that because I want you to learn how to do it by yourself. Some people hate me at first for doing this, but then when they come back around, they realize that me pushing them outside of their comfort zone actually helped out. My challenge to you maybe today is maybe you push someone else outside of their comfort zone in the means or in the spirit of trying to help them, trying to teach them how to do it by themselves versus just giving them the answer because when you actually empower somebody to do something like that, it’s ten times more valuable to them and you become really at a position of authority to them because you taught them how to do it instead of just giving them the answer. Hopefully that helps out and as always, if you guys have any questions or comments, let me know. Until next time, happy trading!

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