Ep273 | The Top 3 Areas To Improve How Much Money You Keep

What's going on, guys Doc Danny in here with a PT Entrepreneur Podcast. I am pretty excited to talk to you about some finance stuff today. In particular, this stems from a conversation I had with a student, that I talked to at CSM and he asked me a question about personal finance and how he could try to cut expenses down so that he could start saving more money to put towards student loans as well as start his own practice.  I told him, my opinion, and this is what I want you guys today. There's three main areas that you can really decrease expenses in and they may not be the most fun place to decrease expenses, but they are a place where you can cut a lot of your expenses down. Those three areas are food, what you're eating and eating out. Housing, so where you live and how much it costs, and then, vehicles and or transportation. Okay, so let's get into it and I hope you guys get some key takeaways from this episode!

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