E150 | How To Effectively Get More Business Using Facebook Ads With Jerred Moon

On the 150th Episode of the PT Entrepreneur Podcast (holy shit that is a ton of episodes) I am joined by thee Facebook Ads ninja Jerred Moon. If you aren't familiar with Jerred he is the founder of the Garage Gym Athlete, which is a website that offers programming for you guessed it, people that like to workout in their garage. He has built this company into a digital programming powerhouse pretty much solely on the back of Facebook Ads (and good programming and content) and on this episode he is going to share all his secrets. If you want to learn more about Jerred Moon head over here https://garagegymathlete.com/ http://www.endofthreefitness.com/author/admin/ https://www.instagram.com/eo3_fit/?hl=en

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