E126 | Getting Better Buy In With Brett Bartholomew

On Episode 126 I am joined by Brett Bartholomew who is a strength and conditioning coach, speaker, author and epic cook. Brett's book Conscious Coaching is probably one of the best reads available if you are working with people. The book looks at 16 common human archetypes and how to interact with them in order to work effectively. As a follow up to the book Brett developed a course called Bought In which uses the archetypes and language strategies to help develop buy in. On this episode we talk about this idea of developing buy in, why it's important to the practitioner and some strategies for doing it.   Check Out All Of Brett Bartholomew's offerings here: Art Of Coaching Podcast Course: http://artofcoaching.com Book: https://goo.gl/mNhcrv Personal Website: https://brettbartholomew.net/

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