"Fundamental Learnings for Engineering Managers" with DocuSign's VP of Engineering, Loïc Houssier

In this episode, the VP of Engineering at DocuSign (Loïc Houssier) shares what he learned from his early days to his role a a senior leader at a well-known B2B company. Episode highlights: 1:15 - Being empathetic to reactions of the Coronavirus 3:43 - First managerial mistake 8:20 - What he learned during a break from the software industry 10:44 - Being humble in a new workplace 14:36 - How his youth sparked his curiosity 17:14 - Building new relationships, especially outside the Engineering department 18:42 - What DocuSign’s CEO taught Loic  19:42 - Why he returned to engineering management 22:20 - What makes operational excellence important to eng managers 24:45 - CTO versus VP of Engineering 26:42 - Being an eng leader during an acquisition 31:20 - Going from a unknown company to working at a known brand 32:30 - Variations in workplace practices: US and France 36:40 - Approaching situations based on cultural knowledge Support the show (https://www.platohq.com/)

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