How to Have a Mindset for Success in Your Cleaning Business: Episode 613

Hey Cleaning Nation! I am with the lovely Suzanne Bandick who is one of our mindset coaches. So much of our success is due to our mindset. (0:29 - 1:40) I remember when I bought my first business it was super lonely. People were not interested in the problems that I was dealing with because I was the only one in my circle with these issues. That combined with not really knowing what I should be doing made me very uncomfortable. “So how do we get through that in a healthy way?” (4:00 - 4:30) It is so common because we are not taught to look for support networks or ask for help. (5:27 - 6:00) The thoughts that feel good are generally going to be in the right direction. When you come across a thought that makes you feel bad you need to replace that with a new, positive thought. (10:25 - 11:00) Everything that has happened in our life we have attracted. (12:27 - 13:30) Raising prices can be scary for some people so how would you help them get through that fear? (15:20 - 15:30) You can create a “what if bad story” or the “what if good story”. (16:00 - 7:00)

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