How to Bring More Cleaning Clients to You Instead of Chasing Them: Episode 612

MIKE: Hey Cleaning Nation! Today I have the lovely Miranda Karr Paepke, owner of Miraspen Blinds a Cleaning. She started the business because she was tired of working for “the man” and wanted to be “the man”. Before we dive into the business stuff Miranda, tell us a fun fact about you. (1:00)   MIRANDA: Well, I have an entire room dedicated to my plants. (2:30)   MIKE: You are going to have to tell me how to keep my plants alive because they don’t do very well around here. So let's dive into your top questions for today. (2:50)   MIRANDA: How can I bring more people to me instead of me trying to find them? (3:35)   MIKE: Tfirst thing we would need to do is find a single niche that you are very good at. This will help people view you as an expert in that field. (7:00)   Miranda: I am never really sure what to say on my business page so what would you suggest for me? (19:15 - 23:00)     MIKE: We found out what people wanted and I created content that would serve them. People were excited to come to our page and hear what I have to say. Before you go live, find out who you want to attract first and be very specific. (25:00)    So Cleaning NATION! If you loved this podcast please rate and subscribe! Don’t forget to join our FREE facebook group to stay up to date on our webinar and hear tips from other cleaning company owners! 

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