The 7 Keys to Company Alignment - How to Get Everyone on Your Team Aligned and Clear on What They Need To Be Doing

Today’s episode is all about getting people rowing in the same direction.   As your company grows and scales, you can find that it’s hard to get everyone rowing in the same direction.   There’s always those people that tend to throw things off because they, literally, aren’t on board! (spoiler alert: this is your fault)   In this episode, I cover the 7 keys to company and team alignment. I cover everything from Org Charts to KPIs to Future Vision!   Use these keys to get everyone on the same page and I promise you you’ll get there faster.   I’d love to hear from you! Which one of these 7 are your biggest takeaways or which one of these 7 do you need to work on most?    Here’s a video I did about establishing strong KPIs​   And here’s a video I did about how to have great meetings:​   SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel here:​   Check out what we're doing at Self Publishing School here:​   Learn about booking me to speak here:​      

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