How I Do My End of Year Reflection and Goal Setting

It’s that time of year (EOY Reflection and Goal Setting!!)   ...and this year I want you to promise me that you’ll actually do this. According to Best Research fewer than 3% of Americans have their goals written down. This is your chance to be in the 3%!   When you’re done with this episode you’ll have all the tools and tips you need to review your year this year and make sure that next year is a success!   This is the exact process I use at the end of every year.   First let me say that I know there are WAY more complicated ways to do end of year goals etc but I believe in keeping it simple!   There’s power in stopping to pause and reflect and to plan!   One of the most powerful parts of this process is in reflecting on the previous year and planning for the year to come!   I encourage you to go do this RIGHT now! Seriously, just go! Take 30 minutes and write up a rough draft.   If you need help with your goals this video will do just the trick:​   SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel here:​   Check out what we're doing at Self Publishing School here:​   Learn about booking me to speak here:​  

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