How To Isolate a Solve Any Problem / Root Issue In Your Job Or In Your Business

I was talking with an SPS team member the other day who’s incredibly talented at finding a fixing issues in the business.   It’s a unique skillset to be able to find and fix root issues…and a skillset that not many people have.   Inevitably we asked the question: “Is this something that can be taught? Or is it something you have or you don't?"   Ultimately, we decided it’s a teachable skillset.   In this episode, I attempt to teach that skillset.   I walk through the MINDSET and the SKILLSET to find and fix any root issue in your business.   (and no, I won’t just tell you to “Google It” ????)   Check out the episode a let me know what you think!   SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel here:   Check out what we're doing at Self Publishing School here:   Learn about booking me to speak here:          

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