Christopher Aaron: Gold and the Miners – Why Isn’t There More Interest?

Tom welcomes back to the show, Christopher Aaron to discuss his perspective on the markets. Gold and miners have seen an extreme lack of sentiment leading to prices down fifty plus percent for major companies, and even worse for exploration companies. This largely is a product of psychology and current price action, with investors waiting for a potential catalyst to decide where gold is headed. Chris explains his approach to metals markets, noting it's important that investing should not be focused on fundamentals alone, since they can lead to blinders when markets do not perform the way expected. He uses charts to demonstrate the flat Dow-Gold ratio in the past few years, signalling that we have entered an uncharted area with regards to freely traded gold. An impulsive move is likely to occur in the coming months in favor of either stocks or gold. Christopher also talks about possible technological advancements, as well as his expectations for gold's movement in the next one to two years. Time Stamp References:0:00 - Introduction0:53 - Metals Sentiment3:30 - Catalysts & Gold Price9:00 - Narratives & Vision11:50 - Price & His Approach13:05 - Charts Dow to Gold20:18 - Saving Vs. Investing27:20 - Future Opportunity29:10 - Gold Outlook31:20 - Dollar Strength33:33 - New Frontiers Vs. Savings37:00 - Euro Vs. Dollar42:23 - Dollar Index45:30 - PM Investing48:50 - Wrap Up Talking Points From This Episode Gold and miners have seen an extreme lack of sentiment, leading to major drops in prices. Investing should not be focused solely on fundamentals to avoid blinders when markets don't perform as expected. There is likely a to be an impulsive move in the coming months in favor of either stocks or gold. Guest LinksTwitter: Christopher Aaron is Senior Editor for the precious metals investment portal Gold Eagle. A former counter-terrorism officer for the CIA and Department of Defense, Christopher has always had an independent analytical outlook. He volunteered to serve two tours to Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006 - 2009, conducting pattern analysis and mapping for the US Intelligence Community in Washington, DC. Drawing upon his investigative background, he turned attention to the financial markets in the early 2000s. Mapping shares similarities with technical analysis of the financial markets because both involve the observation and interpretation of patterns found in human nature. Through his work, Christopher shares with clients how these patterns are cyclical and embedded. Recognizing these patterns can be used to profit. Christopher Aaron holds a degree in history and business, with advanced Department of Defense training in intelligence analysis.

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