Introducing: Detectives Don’t Sleep - The Billionaire Boys Club

Noiser presents the brand-new podcast, Detectives Don’t Sleep. Step beyond the police tape to shadow the real detectives who worked history’s most intriguing cases. In this taster episode, we’re in Beverly Hills. The year, 1984. Detective Leslie Zoeller is hot on the trail of a missing con artist named Ron Levin. Levin is a larger-than-life character, known for his shady dealings. He's made plenty of enemies. But would he really just vanish into thin air? Is this a murder... or an elaborate disappearing act? Ponzi schemes. Rich kids turned bad. Political intrigue. Detective Zoeller will find himself embroiled in a case that takes him to the heart of the yuppie era, bringing him face-to-face with real-life American Psychos. If you enjoy this taster episode, search ‘Detectives Don’t Sleep’ in your podcast app and hit follow to get new episodes every Tuesday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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