Episode 7: Yes Sir...But?? How to Safely and Professionally Challenge Your Boss!!

Do you want to provide feedback on how to make a process better? Is you boss in need of some candid feedback on the personal or professional behavior? What's the role of a leader in creating an environment that is open to feedback? Join USCG Chief Petty Officer Phil Null and I as we offer insights and advice on how leaders and followers can professionally disagree.  For additional information about the topics I discuss in this and other episodes check out the Chief Petty Officer's Guide which can be found at https://www.usni.org/press/books/chief-petty-officers-guide-2nd-edition. You can order you signed and inscribed copy at https://www.cutlassleadership.com. Other resources mentioned in this episode include the book "Learning War" by Trent Hone which provides insight on how naval leaders at the turn of the 20th century found a forum to professionally push back to make their Navy better.  https://www.usni.org/press/books/learning-war --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/paul-kingsbury03/support

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