Meet Jason Stocker, President, CaU Americas

In this episode, you'll meet Jason Stocker, President of CaU Americas. We’ll learn about his blue-collar roots, how he took inspiration from a 1980’s sitcom to send him on his career path, and how he lives his life with volition. 02:13 Jason’s story 05:49 Honing in on Accounting as a career choice 08:30 Incentive to graduate college at lightning speed 12:44 Living and breathing volition 15:35 Jumping into sales 21:00 Desiring to create wealth, as well as have an impact, identifying qualities of a leader 25:00 Look up Sumantra Ghoshal, work on volition 30:30 Automotive industry is at a turning point 38:00 Importance of conflict management 45:20 It’s ok to fail 49:20 Jason’s definition of Gravitas 56:23 Finding your own definition of work-life balance 1:03:15 Storytelling and imagination as an essential tool Please share your thoughts on this episode, email me at,  I'd love to hear from you. Check out Gravitas Detroit on our website, we believe in Transforming the work experience to break the mold of corporate leadership by providing workshops, keynotes,  blogs, podcast interviews, and the Accountability Lab  

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