Meet Clint Bruce - Former Navy Special Warfare Officer, NFL Player and Entrepreneur

Clint Bruce is a former Navy Special Warfare Officer, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, decorated athlete, former NFL player, and seasoned entrepreneur. He is dedicated to helping leaders protect, perform, endure, and compete while helping veterans and their families transition successfully from service.In this episode Clint shares lessons from the ballfield, the battlefield, and the boardroom (and the farm)Clint is humble, authentic, inspirational, and REAL – Enjoy! Check out this link 01:58 – Clint’s story 05:10 – Wisdom from the farm 20:00 – The Todd Ballard connection and “building high ground for hard days” 29:00 – Vulnerability in the Special Ops team 32:00 – Learning and performing at the same time 34:10 – Are you climbing the right ridgeline? 38:00 – Authentic leadership 45:00 - Trust 47:05 – Advice to your 25-year-old self 49:04 – Asking the difficult questions 52:00 – Open door policy – do you really have it? 56:30 – High performing team, tactical and moral 58:49 - Gravitas 1:00:03 – Starting the day 1:04:00 – The legacy

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