Meet Fred Lowery

The leadership journey of the Tennessee boy who thought he’d made it when he became a design a release engineer for General Motors, he was wrong, that was just the beginning. Meet the man who progressed from GM to Maytag to become the Senior Vice President and President for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Life Sciences Solutions and Laboratory Products business, and in April 2019 appointed as a member of the DuPont Board of Directors and was recently named one of the most influential people in the fight against COVID 19 03:31 – Fred’s story 09:41 – Keeping the edge 14:23 – Do you stay or leave the plant when COVID19 hits? 17:16 –  Creating the high-performance team 20:46 – Tearing down the walls 23:47 – Getting to trust 27:34 – Diversity a inclusion 29:59 - Reverse mentoring 31:25 – The Pandemic – what we’ve learned 34:51 – Speed at scale 39:45 – Gravitas 50:55 – Starting the day 55:09 – Advice to your 25yr old self 59:57 – The board member perspective 1:03:55 – The legacy

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