The Quest for Gravitas – Meet Todd Ballard, Chief Marketing Officer, visionary and authentic leader

Todd Ballard, the former Chief Marketing Officer for GoPro possesses that unique combination of an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and authentic leadership. Todd spent 13 years at GoPro where he strategically directed the global marketing, brand development, and media vision for the company, taking it from a start-up to a publicly-traded $1B+ consumer electronics business. Todd shares his leadership insights and best practices to build high-performance teams in this fast-paced, high tech, growth environment. In this episode, you’ll hear all about Todd’s leadership journey, his offsite meetings, and the “5 dependencies” approach, how he builds collaboration, and why “ building high ground for low days” is important to him. 02:09 – Todd’s story 05:50 – Leadership style evolution 07:16 – Avoiding silos 09:24 - What’s your job? 14:10 – The Tombstone test 22:36 – Authentic leadership 25:44 – The toxic employee 29:05 – Building high ground for low days 32:24 – Managing creatives 40:10 – Advice to your 25yr old self

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