Leading through the Crisis - The Wartime Refugee Perspective with Mira Griffiths

Last week we explored leadership insights from that elite group of warriors known as the Navy SEALS, well trained for combat in extreme, uncertain and unstable times. This week we take a different perspective, still very much within the scope of leading through a crisis, dealing with an enemy, riding the emotional roller coaster of our entirely changed lives but this time through the lens of a wartime refugee.  What can we learn from her experience? How did she make the shift from victim to inspirational coach? Why this crisis can be a source for creativity to flourish and why authentic leadership is so important right now – TODAY! In this episode you’ll meet Mira Griffiths, Mira grew up in the time of the civil war in the country previously known as Yugoslavia, she and her family had to flee the city she was born in and leave everything to be destroyed during the war. Mira has since lived and worked in Serbia, UAE a Germany and her work has always been related to helping people overcome the consequences of physical and psychological trauma, loss and pain in their life in general, relationships, work, and the future. Helping them understand who they are and how their experience is created which consequently brings back authenticity, aliveness, courage, creativity, joy, love and compassion back in their lives. ​Mira has a BSc in Physiotherapy, Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychology, Diploma in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Advanced Pain Management, and she has completed her NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Masters, is a Certified NLP and Certified Clarity Coach. She also studied emotions and human behavior through the Paul Eckman International Institute. Mira is a co-founder along with her husband, Peter Griffiths of The Mind Takeaway, a company committed to supporting leaders to grow and become the best that they can be.  Mira and Peter have created a groundbreaking online program people can join from any part of the world, visit   https://www.themindtakeaway.com/authentic-leadership-project for more information or contact Mira directly via email  info@themindtakeaway.com  Mira and Peter firmly believe the world needs more compassionate and authentic leaders who are able to meet the complex needs of the everchanging environments we live and work in. 

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