The Quest for Gravitas with Kevin Browett , CEO Renaissance Media Solutions

Meet Kevin Browett, Kevin comes from a one red light town in Pennsylvania he rose through the corporate ranks to head up an $18 Billion PaL  and then……..the pivot, a magazine? tune in to hear his story it covers toys, drugs, start-ups, martial arts and more. In this episode you can expect to hear about a man who was born to serve, it’s in his DNA, it started with the community he grew up in and continues to be a driving force in his life today as he unites the community. Kevin supports the philosophy of “no man left behind” and practices servant leadership in his professional and personal life.  He holds several board positions, supports charity organizations and is proud to put family first, all of this with a strong sense of personal accountability and a strict workout routine starting at 3AM ! Kevin speaks openly about failure, lessons learned from the experience and standing up in the boardroom to take the unpopular stand. There are valuable insights to share as we pursue our quest to find GRAVITAS. 03:41 Kevin’s story 07:11 We want somebody like you 08:45 Financial bonus or something else - incentives 11:47 It’s about trust 12:27 Staying true to yourself when others are not 19:09 Failure and lessons learned 21:44 The pivot 32:06 Personal accountability – 3AM ? 37:09 Boards, charities and making it all work 41:59 The GRAVITAS factor 43:54 What’s your legacy ?

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