Resilient by Nature

Today, on the episode of ‘Come Rain or Shine’, Reggie Williams, ex-NFL linebacker, former Disney executive, and social reformer joins the show to discuss his new book, ‘Resilient by Nature’. After accepting a position as Director of Sports Development for Walt Disney World Resort in 1993, Reggie has been reshaping the sports leadership landscape ever since. An athletic education advocate for today’s youth, Reggie remains involved with many service organizations today including The United Way, the National Consortium for Academics and Sports, and Give Kids the World. Reggie has also embarked on several personal projects, one of them being his new release, ‘Resilient by Nature’. In the book, Reggie shares his story from humble beginnings to NFL legend to city councilman and beyond. He hopes his testimony will inspire others to embrace higher principles of justice and diversity. Resources: Resilient by Nature – Reggie Williams Magical Vacation Planner 407-442-0257  Email questions to Connect with Dan: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

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