Episode 105: Podcast 105 - Business Contingency During Social Media Blackout

Jim and Stew discuss what you should consider IF you rely significantly on social media in your business. What would you do if you were in Facebook Jail? Recently Jim Edwards felt the wrath of Facebook filters and shut him down for a week even though he spends nearly $100,000 a month on Facebook advertisements. What did you do before Facebook? If you were around in the online marketing space back then, you remember. Take a trip down memory lane and join the discussion as Stew Smith Jim rehash some content creation and marketing methods before there was social media. Jim Edwards (http://www.thejimedwardsmethod​) and Check out the Facebook Group Sales Copy Writing and Content Marketing Hacks with Jim Edwards for business ideas and over 20,000 other helpful members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/copywritingandcontenthacks

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