PODCAST 81 - Online Business Starter Kit (part 1)

Jim Edwards (http://www.thejimedwardsmethod.com) and Stew Smith discuss creating a series of podcasts focused on the STARTER KIT: Online Business Goals: If your goal is to build a system to gather prospects and turn into clients / customers without having people have to visit the office and need help with creating an online coaching / communications arm of my business. I need a landing page (click funnels? other?) I need copy - wizards / scripts. What software do I get for making videos? Do I need an email autoresponder? benefits? What programs, platforms, software, hardware do I need? Recommendations on social media? Newsletters? Blogs? Other content? PODCAST - If I had to start over again - what would I do? See more great content on the Facebook page The Salescopy and Content Marketing Hacks Closed Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/copyw... of course learn more about salescopy at http://www.thejimedwardsmethod.com

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