SCCM Hacks Podcast 56 - Speed Dating with Jim

Jim answers several questions that are rather short ended answers but golden nuggets of useful information: We call this episode Speed Dating With Jim as he discusses both Funnel Scripts and The Jim Edward Method Premium where Funnel Scripts and Premium Wizards for both content marketing and sales copy can be easily created - with the whack of a button. See and join the Sales Copy and Content Marketing Hacks Closed Facebook Page at : Here are the questions - tune in to hear the answers: 1 - How Do I make a Compelling Offer? 2 - I created an opt-in funnel. My question: Which script would you recommend I use to ask them in an email to take part in the survey? 3 - How do I make the reader feel pain to seek a problem to their solution. 4 - How do you decide on the outline for your ad copy? Is there a psychological outline and journey you have set in place? 5 - My biggest problem is at the very beginning. I would love a worksheet to identify all or most of the characteristics/variables so it is an easy go to for each script. I am an appraiser and have a difficult time identifying the needs, wants, fears, domino, etc. How to start? 6 - Which is the best script to supply content for a sales page?

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