Hack Your Creativity

Each and every moment is an opportunity to create. It might be as simple as cooking a meal, trying a new exercise or co-creating a conversation, but creativity on a small scale has a tremendous ripple effect in other areas of life. It's a muscle with infinite potential.

Sounds crazy, right?

Creativity and art are often conflated. While they're certainly related, they are not the same thing. Simply put, creativity is connecting two unlikely or unrelated things to produce something new and ideally, useful.

On today's episode I sit down with Chris Hutchins on All the Hacks Podcast, to explore the creative hacks that supercharged my personal and professional life for the past 2 decades. Whether your goals are hobby-related or you are on the path to becoming a professional creator, this episode has something for you.

Some highlights from our conversation:

  • Intro + my background  [00:30]
  • My personal creative journey  [02:18]
  • Are children more creative than adults? [06:55]
  • The simple definition of creativity. [10:22]
  • How to train your creative muscles no matter what you’re doing. [13:31]
  • 4 simple steps to create anything successfully. [17:56]
  • Why mastering something teaches you how to master anything. [20:54]
  • How people have applied lessons from Chase’s book in their lives. [25:00]
  • How to fuel creativity with play and experimentation. [26:59]
  • Why do creativity and autonomy make you happier? [29:58]
  • The impact travel (even local travel) has on your creativity. [31:42]
  • How much routine should your morning routine have? [39:29]
  • Why you should expose yourself to cold water daily even if it is uncomfortable (cold water therapy). [41:19]
  • Moving from being stuck to a zone of flow (the power of play and discipline). [42:57]


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