#115 Creating Brand Partnerships That Grow Your Business with Sigute Zitikyte of Shopify

WTH is a “brand partnership” anyway? This week’s Beyond Influential is on a hot topic that is very powerful to grow brands and businesses… but is also a source of confusion and that’s “partnerships.”  My guest this week is Sigute Zitikyte, a partnerships expert who helps digital entrepreneurs scale their businesses through long-term partnerships and authentic collaborations. She leads affiliate and marketing partnerships at Shopify, building partnerships with online educators, influencers, and entrepreneurs who are aligned on the mission of spreading entrepreneurship.  If you have been wondering how partnerships can fit in with your brand, but you are confused by all of the possibilities to partner, collaborate, affiliate, or be an “influencer” for a brand, and how it all works - this episode is for you. We really dig into clarifying what exactly strategic partnerships are, what successful partnerships look like, and why your personal brand is an important part of the process!  On this episode, we cover: Her path to partnerships: how she transitioned from finance to real estate before finding her niche at Mindvalley and later Shopify What exactly are “brand partnerships?”  The differences and similarities between partnerships, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing What “successful” partnerships look like to brands: What they look for in potential long-term partners a how they measure effectiveness Why a strong personal brand is essential to landing a partnership The dos and don'ts of pitching yourself for a partnership, how to tell if a brand is the right fit for you, and more!   Get on the waitlist for the official launch of the Beyond Influential Insiders Membership! To connect with Sigute: Website | Instagram | LinkedIn To connect with me, Brittany Krystle: Website | Instagram| Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook #beyondinfluentialpodcast

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