#112 Lindsay Silberman on How to Be Taken Seriously by Brands a Make a Living as a Full-Time Influencer

Influence is a business and there’s no one right way to do it.   If you’ve ever wondered how full-time “influencers” create income, there’s not just one way and no two influencers are the same. On last week’s Beyond Influential with Christina Galbato, we looked at one way of creating a full-time influencer business. This week, you’ll get to see a different perspective and business model in a similar arena.  NY-based influencer and blogger, luxury travel expert, and beauty product hoarder, Lindsay Silberman joins me to give an inside look at how she organically created a business out of the passions and skills she was using in the publishing world. She was already an influencer before she was an “influencer” - when she was writing for publications like Town a Country, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Architectural Digest, DuJour, and others. Lindsay did not hold back in this interview - we got deep into details like: Her journalism career: How she opened doors to writing for some of the largest publications, and the skills that helped her succeed after Her transition from journalist to social media influencer: When she knew it was the right time to go full-time a How she left without burning bridges Brand Deals a Partnerships: How to develop organic relationships with brands you love a pitch them on a collaboration the right way Why you need to treat the influencer game as a business a getting brands to take your seriously  Why she still responds personally to her DMs  Behind the scenes of her content creation process a monetization strategy: Instagram, branded content, her blog a more! Helpful Free Content: LinkedIn Training (FREE) To connect with Lindsay: Website | Instagram | Lindsay’s InstaHusband To connect with me, Brittany Krystle: Website | Instagram| Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook #beyondinfluentialpodcast

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