#101 Lin Marty on How to Use Big Ad Agency Thinking in Your Small Business

I’m excited to share this week’s episode because it is a conversation with one of my favorite humans: Lin Marty. It’s an honor to call her a close friend - she is the kindest person you’ll meet, but make no mistake, this woman is a beast when it comes to business.  You might remember her from Ep. 42, but Lin is a true multihyphenate. Lin and I have been collaborating on my personal brand photography for the last two years and we have grown together with me and my brand. She is a personal brand photographer for ambitious women, and one of the reasons I have loved working with her so much is that she not only has creative vision, but she brings such strong business insights based on her 16 years of corporate advertising experience. Lin has helped manage campaigns for major brands such as Hyundai, Kia, Johnson a Johnson, Wells Fargo, Sony Theatrical,  and that’s just to name a few. She is also the co-founder of Agency Lite, a marketing and advertising intelligence firm, and on top of that, she also freelances for past agency employers because she’s THAT good.  If you want to hear more about Lin and personal brand photography side, you can check out Episode 42 (in the shownotes). She will be teaching in the Beyond Influential Insiders membership - and we will be giving you a behind the scenes of how we work together on my brand and what you need to know for yours… but this episode is going to be covering topics related to her agency experience working with some of the biggest brands out there. You can learn a LOT from what large brands and businesses are doing and apply it to your brand even if you are just starting out. We cover: How the most successful brands look at their content creation and advertising spends Why you shouldn’t always chase new social media trends (and when traditional media like TV, radio, or billboards might be best!) How her marketing background affects her approach to photoshoots (branding, purpose) The biggest mistakes small businesses and entrepreneurs make when it comes to content Why clarity on your business and objectives is the only way to grow  What agencies have access to that most people aren't aware of When you need an agency vs when you can do it yourself Where the influencer marketing is headed, and more! To learn about the Beyond Influential Insiders, Click HERE! Listen to Beyond Influential #42 with Lin HERE To connect with Lin: Website | Instagram| LinkedIn  To connect with me, Brittany Krystle: Website | Instagram| Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook #beyondinfluentialpodcast

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