#88 Diana Espir on How to Stay Relevant in Pop Culture in a Social Media World

Maybe it’s from growing up in LA, but I’ve always been obsessed with the latest in pop culture and celebrity gossip (I’m from Calabasas - hello Kardashians!). Running a business is hard work, so it just makes sense to me to have a healthy dose of light, juicy, guilty pleasures to indulge in every now and then to unwind and turn off for a moment. Which is why it was pretty damn fun to have the infamous Millennial Entertainment Journalist and host of the You Can’t Sit With Me Podcast (check out her episode with me here), Diana Espir, as my guest on today’s Beyond Influential - a say-what-she-thinks badass who has just as many insider scoops on the world of podcasting and entertainment production as she does the latest airing of Vanderpump Rules. Not only is Diana fiercely unapologetic about what it’s really like behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, but also incredibly insightful on everything from PR that works in today’s media-obsessed age, to her personal process on managing a booming podcast, and top tips to breaking past the “media training” plastic of a Red Carpet interview. Her specialty really is embracing no bullsh*t authenticity, and today we’re going to talk all about how being true to you - even if that “you” is a reality TV star - is your best advocate in business and life. Trust me, you guys. This is one episode you do not want to miss (and honestly, it is just sooooo LA... I’m in love). Listen below for… Advice on achieving an authentic a genuine Red Carpet interview; Editing tips a why breaking out of the predictable status quo is so essential for fresh, consumable content; All about “Media Training”, a the difference between doing something a owning it; Diana’s podcasting process, editing resources, favorite equipment, a interview strategies; What gossip is shareable a what should remain private in the entertainment industry, plus the difference between critiquing with humor vs. bullying; How much time Diana spends on marketing her podcast, editing audio, choosing keywords/titles, booking guests, planning interviews, creating social media graphics, a writing blog content; Diana’s approach towards brand sponsorships a pitches; Plus so much more!   Click here to join the Clarity Course Waitlist My episode on the You Can't Sit With Me Podcast To connect with Diana: You Can't Sit With Me Podcast | Instagram | Twitter To connect with me, Brittany Krystle: Instagram| Twitter | LinkedIn | Website | Facebook #beyondinfluentialpodcast

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