#76 Ingrid De La Mare - Kenny (Part 1): on Turning Adversity into Influence, Dealing with Haters, a Living the Gangster Chic Lifestyle

This conversation had so much value I made it a TWO parter. Ingrid De La Mare - Kenny is the Monaco based founder of The Method (a booming fitness and wellness brand!), a content creator (her IG is one of my faves!), a podcaster, a mom of  3 AND she’s chic AF… but none of those things alone are what have fascinated me about her brand. Ingrid’s brand to me speaks to exactly how influence online or offline is supposed to work. Ingrid gets results for clients online, but I attribute her influence to something more than that and it all starts with you hearing about her story and path to where she is today. Spoiler alert: we talk going to law school, working in fashion, raising a child with autism, serving prison time…  Part 1 truly sets the stage for the why, what, and how of Ingrid’s brand today (Part 2 is all about the details of Ingrid’s evolution and the birth and growth of her business and brand!) Click here for the Content to Connections #TLLChallenge: 5 Days to Attracting Your Ideal Audience by Leveraging LinkedIn To connect with Ingrid De La Mare - Kenny: Instagram Website  To connect with me, Brittany Krystle: Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Website Facebook #beyondinfluentialpodcast      

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