5. How To Make It As An Independent Salon Owner

On this episode of Sola Stories, we are joined by four Faces of Sola to share their stories, tips and advice they have learned as independent salon owners at Sola.  Joining Jennie Wolff, we have Lindsey Couch (@thehungryhairdresser) co-owner of Arrow Salon in Louisville, KY, Diana Antes (@dianaanteshair) Diana Antes Studio in Sunnyvale, CA, Tara Chilton (@merakisalonandco) co-owner of Meraki Salon a CO in Springfield, MO, and nail artist Stefanie Stair (@the_stair_way) owner of The STAIR Way in Knoxville, TN. Listen, as these amazing women share how they overcame their fears of going out on their own, the systems they believe are essential to success, how they handle retail in their studios and the importance of caring for your mental health when working behind the chair. Tara and Lindsey both co-own their salons, and the two speak about their favorite and most challenging parts of working with a partner. They all share how they build relationships in their respective Sola communities and the benefits of being at Sola, both for themselves and their customers. Learn how these Sola bosses stay at the top of their game through continuing education, what inspired them to make the move to Sola, and how mentors have had a major impact on their careers and lives. Get tips from each on how to use social media to help grow your business, as well as advice for anyone who is thinking about going out on their own. In This Episode [01:01] Welcome to the show, Lindsey, Diana, Tara and Stef. [02:36] Diana shares what her fears were when she went out on her own. [03:40] Lindsey wasn’t afraid she would fail; she was more afraid of burning out. [05:22] Stef, what fears did you have when you went out on your own? [05:47] Tara speaks about what someone can do to get the confidence they need to make the leap. [06:30] Tara shares what systems she believes are essential to get a salon studio set up for success. [07:10] Does anyone else have any systems or boundaries in place that you think is important or ones you wish you had in place? [09:37] Stef speaks about being pre-booked three months in advance, and it’s mostly from communication strategy. [10:22] Tara shares how she tracks her numbers and the critical KPI’s she tracks. [12:34] Lindsey chats about the retail strategy she uses in her salon. [14:08] Stef speaks about the cuticle oil that she makes that she sells in her salon. [14:50] Diana talks about her retail strategy in her salon. [15:34] Can one of you tell us about your salon studio and paint a picture of how retail is a part of that experience? [17:52] Stef shares some unique things she has in her salon that speak to who she is and what she does. [18:48] Lindsey chats about what her dream salon looks like, how it represents her. [20:23] Diana speaks about having her salon look like an indoor jungle. [21:31] Tara, what is one thing your guests love about your studio? [22:34] Tara explains why she went into business with a partner in the same studio. [23:18] Lindsey chats about her studio partner, and the excellent communication and support system they have. [25:26] Diana speaks about how she developed relationships in her Sola community. [26:24] Stef being a nail artist, how do you partner with the hairdressers in your Sola community? [28:08] Lindsey chats about why she attends Sola Sessions and what she takes away from them. [29:13] Tara shares where she goes to get continuing education. [30:23] Lindsey, what inspired you to become an educator? [31:10] Diana, what inspired you to start a program in your studio? [32:00] Tara speaks about the mentors she has had in her life and career. [33:29] Does anyone have advice for anyone who is looking for a mentor? [35:58] Lindsey chats about how she shows up authentically on her social media. [36:52] Diana shares how she uses social media to connect with clients and grow her business. [38:18] Stef discusses being a professional photographer and how she uses her experience to showcase herself on her social media. [41:12] Everyone shares why they believe that self-care is so crucial for independent salon owners and what they do when they have downtime. [44:31] They speak about their animals that help them with their mental wellbeing and self-care. [46:21] Lindsey’s piece of advice is to stay hungry, never stop growing. [46:40] Diana says always to trust your gut if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. [47:02] Tara believes that you should love what you do and show your love to those around you. [47:30] Stef says to take care of yourself and enjoy the ride. [47:48] Jennie shares a quote she loves ‘it always seems impossible until it’s done.’ [48:52] Thank you for being here, ladies!! Stay Connected with Sola  @solasalons Connect with Jennie  @jenniethewolff Connect with Lindsey @thehungryhairdresser Connect with Diana @dianaanteshair Connect with Tara @merakisalonandco Connect with Stef @the_stair_way

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