320 | Identity Clutter

Joshua and Ryan are joined by counselor, podcaster, and author Ian Morgan Cron to discuss identity clutter and the outdated stories people tell themselves, and they answer the following questions:

How do you start rewriting your story when you feel overwhelmed and insecure about who you are and who you want to be? (02:23)

What does the acronym “SOAR” represent? (06:27)

What is “act as-if”? (07:38)

How do you discover your true identity after traumatically losing your societal identities? (10:20)

What is the difference between a role and an identity? (11:41)

How can the Enneagram help us discover ourselves? (13:41)

How do you define “personality”? (14:31)

What is the role of self-awareness in personality and in identity? (16:29)

How do beliefs become problematic? (23:46)

How do I find peace with who I am? (28:51)

How do you define “shame”? (30:10)

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